Customer Care Services


At Active8 Managed Technologies, we understand the importance of exceptional customer care. When it comes to office technology and the everyday use of multifunctional printers, clients appreciate a dedicated customer care manager to be on-call and in-person when they need assistance.

It is our policy to assign a Customer Care Manager. These highly skilled and friendly employees will ensure that every customer engagement is conducted in a professional and responsive manner.

Your Active8 Managed Technologies Customer Care Manager will:

  1. Oversee a custom training program for team.
  2. Make recommendations on how to better use your print and copying equipment.
  3. Introduce new concepts and technologies that will speed up your workflow and make your office more efficient.
  4. Act as your local subject matter print expert.
  5. Communicate your needs and provide status reports to the Active8 Managed Technologies team.
  6. Regular, active participation to ensure that your company receives the highest level of customer care.

Whether you need help setting up a printer network, refresher training with our Automat8 software or learning more about the latest print and document technologies, you’ll always find that we are here to help.

Rapid Response Times

We take customer care seriously at Active8 Managed Technologies, with a staff of support specialists ready to respond to your phone call, fax or email. Average response time to customer calls is less than 20 seconds.

Because managing different office technologies is so crucial to business operations and business continuity, our Customer Care Managers will walk you through every step of setting up your office automation system. From using Automat8 software to collecting data on your desktop and multifunctioning printers, no task is too small for us.

Safe Guarding Your Data

We also promise that every channel that we use to collect your data is secure according to industry-wide standards and that we will safeguard your company’s private information in strict compliance with UK network security rules and regulations.

Learn more today about how an Active8 Managed Technologies Customer Care Manager can help your business. Contact us online here, or call 0333 999 7355 to get started.