Autom8 Software


Active8 Managed Technologies, Ltd. specialises as an independent supplier of top-brand printing and scanning products for the modern office. We’re also pleased to present our custom software, Autom8. This print management software program is guaranteed to improve staff productivity and efficiencies while also streamlining print related costs.

By automating such tasks as ordering fresh toner for each printer, collecting print meter readings and monitoring regular maintenance calls, your office print technology will operate as new, minimising downtime and mitigating costly repairs and parts.

Software Innovation Automat8

What Autom8 delivers is peace of mind to your entire business. Instead of taking meter reads yourself and making repeated phone calls and emails to a service representative, imagine how your printers would run with our automated software.

You will not have to print out a new test page from every single printer as Autom8 saves up on your toner and paper supply by sending the data from each printer back to our collection server.

With no ink wasted or transcription errors to consider, every printer in your network will be in constant contact with our technical support team.

Installing an automated print management system in the workplace means more productive work and reduced office print expenses. Our expert technical team, via the software, can remotely connect to your print network for diagnostics, maintenance and repairs.

Reliability and Performance of Your Printer Network

With Autom8, you can set the program to scan all the print devices in your office at whichever intervals you choose. Once the software securely transmits all your data to our collection server, you’ll no longer have to worry about the reliability and performance of your print system. Our team will be monitoring your network and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

For a free quote and product consultation about Autom8, please call us today at 0333 999 7355.