Investg8 Audit Process


Active8 Managed Technologies offers a print audit or investigation, which allows us to examine and diagnose your office’s print and scan technology. We developed a methodology to systematically conduct a review of “current state” and provide our clients with a “best practice” recommendation.

Benefits of a Print Audit

Using the Investigat8 professional system, we can pinpoint what, where, how and — most importantly — why things happen as they do with your printer setup. With a suite of time-tested tools at our disposal, we collect and analyse all the relevant data. Then we compile that data into a report that you’ll find easy to read and understand. And because we don’t limit ourselves to a single method for diagnosing problems, we can recommend the best solution for your business from a multitude of available options.

Understanding an Investigat8 Print Consultant Report

Every report that we submit to our customers contains a comprehensive breakdown of your document output, showing clearly how your printer data reads and where you can increase your savings.

We pinpoint such areas of concerns as:

  • Your company’s largest expenses
  • Your printers’ environmental impact
  • Our recommended practices for sustainability
  • Our advice on how to communicate our proposals to your staff

Get the Real Facts Before Upgrading or Purchasing New Office Print Solutions

As independent print consultants, we have the experience and technical know-how to quickly assess ways to optimise your office print and scan network to deliver real business benefits.

Once you contact Active8 Managed Technologies for help, one of our consultants will be available to discuss your project, go over the different options with you and answer any questions.

We’ll talk about your key business drivers, your project goals, your expectations from us and our requirements for you.

As an independent company, Active8 Managed Technologies doesn’t rely on “industry standard” information but uses hard facts to help you achieve the business results you desire.

Please call our offices at 0333 999 7355 to speak with a consultant about your print and document needs.