Managed Print & Consultancy


Active8 Managed Technologies is here to help you gain visibility and control of your print operations so that your business can save on office costs and improve workplace productivity. By choosing the right equipment, toners and service agent, your business could save up to 40 per cent against conventional purchasing methods.

Experienced Outsourcing Print Partners

As premium print service providers, we’ve experienced and have been a part of many client success stories. Using our knowledge, facts, best practices and technical data, we’re able to put together a clear picture of the most common concerns that client’s encountered with their print and scan technologies.

Did you know that most of our prospective customers are shocked to learn how much their office printers cost to run? For many customers, their common practice is to purchase their toners, rulers, pencils and other office supplies from stationers in bulk.

A percentage of customers also believe that buying re-manufactured toner will save money in the long run. The truth is that these reconstituted products will reduce the life of your printer and shorten how many prints or copies you can make with each new toner.

Our Active8 Managed Technologies account managers will discuss with you in person the most optimum solution to setup and install print and scan technologies in your workplace. Additionally, your service plan will represent your ideal usage and costs related to expendables.

Bundled Print Management Services Specific to Your Office

Active8 Managed Technologies offers a premium Managed Print Service to help clients:

  1. Review, audit and maintain existing equipment.
  2. Select and install the best new print and scanning equipment and products to suit the operational requirements.
  3. Network devices for optimum performance, sustainability and reliability.
  4. Connect the office machines to the Active8 remote maintenance software for real-time monitoring and reporting.
  5. Online ordering of peripherals.
  6. Operational cost savings.
  7. Equipment and technology cost savings.
  8. Ease of upgrading to the latest machines.
  9. Dedicated Account Management with technical support.

Try our Managed Print Services today. Call us at 0333 999 7355 to speak with a consultant about your company’s needs.